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Hari Om Dahiya is driven by a passion for learning and action for social change, particularly through informal education and youth projects. He has worked in areas including intercultural dialogue, youth participation, girl child education, and gender and leadership development in Canada, the UK, Cyprus, Singapore, Bangladesh, Maldives, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. Hari Om is currently Regional Youth Coordinator: India for the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS), London, and also President & Youth Chairman of the RCS branch in India The Commonwealth Students’ Welfare Group of India (CSWGI). Having, for the past 14 years, given vision and leadership to the Indian Youth Community and across the Commonwealth, he has worked with a number of International and National Youth Organisations and government bodies.

Hari Om is recipient of a number of awards for outstanding contribution and achievements in the youth sector: IIIS Star Impact Award, Distinguished Social Service Award, Visionary Leadership Award, Best Innovative Youth of the Year, Distinguished Social Service and Leadership Award, and Young Change maker Award. He is also Board Member to a number of youth and child rights organisations in India and abroad. He is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College (Economics & Philosophy) and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Law and Diplomacy from the Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi. He is also Director of Rajkamal Educational Institutes in Rajasthan. Currently, He is working with a coalition of youth networks on Cross-cultural Commonwealth Youth projects, which aim at formulating and stimulating youth interest in Commonwealth, SDGs and International Affairs.

Hari Om has been conferred the ‘35 UNDER 35 INDIA-UK YOUNG LEADERS AWARD’ by India Inc. for Youth & Community Engagement with the Commonwealth at UK-India Awards week 2018, Buckinghamshire, UK.


As per the Annual General Meeting held on Monday, 22nd July 2020, there has been election of new members of New Executive Council of The CSWGI. The tenure of the elected members is for 2 years i.e. 2020 to 2022. The members of the Executive Council 2020, who have been entrusted with the workings of the organisation are:

  • Chairman:


  • President & Youth Chairman:


  • Vice President:


  • Secretary General:


  • Treasurer:


  • Events Coordinator:


  • Membership & Projects Coordinator:


  • Media Officer:


Male: 3, Female: 5, Total: 8

Apart from the above Executive Council, for smooth functioning of our organisation as well as efficient delivery and execution of events & projects across different states & Union Territories of India, the Council felt the need of State coordinators and approved their positions to Head state operations of the CSWGI. The Positions (states) that are on records are as follows and the list of Officials and State Representatives is available on request:

  • State Coordinator (Haryana)

  • State Coordinator (Himachal Pradesh)

  • State Coordinator (Maharashtra)

  • State Coordinator (Madhya Pradesh)

  • State Coordinator (East India)

  • State Coordinator (Punjab)

  • State Coordinator (Rajasthan)

  • State Coordinator (South India)

  • State Coordinator (Uttar Pradesh)

  • State Coordinator (Uttarakhand)

The Newly elected Executive Council (2020-22) have also discussed and approved the provision of having and extending the Coordinator network to other states in the coming time.


For further details please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Hari Om Dahiya
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Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Her Majesty the Queen Consort


The Commonwealth Students' Welfare Group of India (CSWGI) is an overseas branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) in India. We are a part of the extensive network of branches of the Royal Commonwealth Society, which spread the influence and global connectivity of the modern Commonwealth while promoting the lives and prospects of Commonwealth citizens across the globe. The Affiliation no of the branch is A004922 since 22nd July 2005.


Education needs to be extended beyond the classroom walls and the Youth need to be capable of having an independent opinion over the Issues that concern the Global Society Today!


To support and promote the modern Commonwealth, its cultures and its core values, through offering a forum for the debate, research and development of Commonwealth Thinking on key International Issues; through providing a center for celebration of Commonwealth art and culture; through its educational, youth and outreach programmes; through its commitment to the continued growth and resilience of Commonwealth Civil Society.



The CSWGI was founded on 24th April 2005 with a group of likeminded Youth supporting the Commonwealth cause, thought & Values. Initially what looked like a university student's club, grew its support & membership and was awarded the privilege of the overseas branch status by Royal Commonwealth Society effective 22nd July 2005. The events preceding to the formal affiliation status of the branch can rightly be cited below:

"In 2005 the then Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit at London University and the Royal Commonwealth Society undertook a project, supported by British government funding, surveying existing activity and exploring the potential for Commonwealth clubs in Schools, Colleges & Universities. While overall numbers were found to be modest, the greatest incidence of such institutions appeared to be in West African Commonwealth countries. At the tertiary level, several institutions have a Commonwealth student body. As far as is known, there has been no comprehensive survey of such institutions but among the active ones are, for example, the University of Douala (Cameroon) Commonwealth Club, and the Commonwealth Students Welfare Group of India (CSWGI). One well-documented example, cited [here] for illustrative purposes only, comes from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom."

- Recorded on Commonwealth Consortium for Education (CCfE)

After establishing a great network & membership of over 450 members from different Universities & Colleges across India, it formally got registered as a Not-for-Profit Organisation on 13th January 2010 having its own legal status and Constitution. During the process of the Legal registration in India, The CSWGI maintained and declared its status as an overseas branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society in India with autonomous constitution and office bearers.

P.S. The copy of the first Affiliation Letter (2005), The Registration Certificate of Government of India (2010) can be shared upon specific request with justified reasons. For details, please write to

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